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depressive psychosis:
A major disorder of mood in which biologic factors are believed to play a prominent role.See: depression.(05 Mar 2000)
drug psychosis:
Psychosis following or precipitated by ingestion of a drug, e.g., LSD.(05 Mar 2000)
dysmnesic psychosis:
<syndrome> May occur as a sequel to chronic alcohol abuse. Features include personality changes, confabulation, psychosis, disorientation, polyneuritis, insomnia and hallucinations.(27 Sep 1997)
exhaustion psychosis:
Rarely used term for a confusional emotional state following an exhausting event.(05 Mar 2000)
febrile psychosis:
A psychosis following an acute infection, shock, or chronic intoxication; begins as delirium followed by pronounced mental confusion with hallucinations and unsystematised delusions, and sometimes stupor.Synonym: febrile psychosis.(05 Mar 2000)
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