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arteriosclerotic psychosis:
Psychotic disturbance in elderly persons suffering from cerebral arteriosclerosis.(05 Mar 2000)
bipolar psychosis:
A mental disorder characterised by one or more episodes of mania (manic depression) which is usually accompanied by one or more episodes of depression (major depressive episode).See: endogenous depression, manic-depressive.(05 Mar 2000)
brief reactive psychosis:
<psychiatry> A brief display of psychotic behaviour that lasts for at least several hours, but not more than one week. Typically these reactions are brought on by periods of increased stress (for example death of a loved one).Symptoms include delusions, hallucinations, disordered thinking, impaired speech and bizarre dress.(27 Sep 1997)
Cheyne-Stokes psychosis:
A mental state characterised by anxiety and restlessness, accompanying Cheyne-Stokes respiration.(05 Mar 2000)
climacteric psychosis:
An obsolete term for involutional psychosis associated with the climacteric.(05 Mar 2000)
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