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heart massage:
cardiac massage: an emergency procedure that employs rhythmic compression of the heart (either through the chest wall or, during surgery, directly to the heart) in an attempt to maintain circulation during cardiac arrest
heart murmur:
an abnormal sound of the heart; sometimes a sign of abnormal function of the heart valves
heart rate:
pulse: the rate at which the heart beats; usually measured to obtain a quick evaluation of a person's health
heart-lung machine:
a pump to maintain circulation during heart surgery; diverts blood from the heart and oxygenates it and then pumps it through the body
pulse: the rhythmic contraction and expansion of the arteries with each beat of the heart; "he could feel the beat of her heart"
  • blink of an eye: a very short time (as the time it takes the eye blink or the heart to beat); "if I had the chance I'd do it in a flash"
  • an animating or vital unifying force; "New York is the commercial heartbeat of America"
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    rheumatic heart disease:
    heart disease caused by recurrent episodes of rheumatic fever; characterized by changes in the myocardium or scarring of the heart valves that reduce the power of the heart to pump blood
    alternation of the heart:
    alternating variation in the intensity of the heartbeat or pulse over successive cardiac cycles of regular rhythm. Called also mechanical alternans. Cf. electrical alternans.
    atrioventricular septum of heart:
    septum atrioventriculaĒre corĒdis, [TA] the portion of the membranous part of the interventricular septum between the right atrium and left ventricle.
    congenital complete heart block:
    third degree atrioventricular block that presents in the fetal or neonatal period and is caused by defective development of the atrioventricular junctional tissue; it may be associated with other cardiac anomalies.
    interatrial septum of heart:
    septum interatriaĒle corĒdis, [TA] the wall that separates the atria of the heart.
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