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protrusion of brain tissue through a congenital fissure in the skull
electroencephalogram: a graphical record of electrical activity of the brain; produced by an electroencephalograph
  • an X ray of the brain made by replacing spinal fluid with a gas (usually oxygen) to improve contrast
  • encephalography:
    roentgenography of the brain after spinal fluid has been replaced by a gas (usually oxygen); produces an encephalogram
    meningoencephalitis: inflammation of the brain and spinal cord and their meninges
    inflammation of the brain and spinal cord
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    equine encephalomyelitis:
    equine encephalitis: encephalitis caused by a virus that is transmitted by a mosquito from an infected horse
    Wernicke's encephalopathy:
    inflammatory degenerative disease of the brain caused by thiamine deficiency that is usually associated with alcoholism
    acute disseminated encephalomyelitis:
    an acute or subacute encephalomyelitis or myelitis characterized by perivascular lymphocyte and mononuclear cell infiltration and demyelination; it occurs most commonly following an acute viral infection, especially measles, but may occur without a recognizable antecedent, and formerly occurred as a complication of rabies vaccination before the introduction of duck embryo and human diploid vaccines and of smallpox vaccination. ...
    acute necrotizing hemorrhagic encephalomyelitis:
    a rare, fatal postinfection or allergic demyelinating disease of the central nervous system, having a fulminating course and occurring mainly in young adults. It is characterized by destruction of the white matter to the point of liquefaction; widespread necrosis of blood vessel walls leading to the formation of multiple small hemorrhages in the involved areas and the exudation of fibrin into the surrounding tissue; and cellular infiltration of the necrotic areas. ...
    avian encephalomalacia:
    a disease of young chickens due to vitamin E deficiency, in which there is ataxia, incoordination, paralysis, and severe encephalomalacia in several areas of the brain, especially the cerebellum. It must be differentiated from avian encephalomyelitis. Called also crazy chick disease.
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