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austral: stout Australian shrub with narrow leaves crowded at ends of branches and terminal clusters of white or pink flowers
austral: any of several Australian evergreen perennials having short thick woody stems crowned by a tuft of grasslike foliage and yielding acaroid resins
austral: a hare's-foot fern of the genus Davallia
austral: any heathlike plant of the family Epacridaceae
austral: black-and-white oscine birds that resemble magpies
austral: any of several tall Australian trees of the genus Laportea
austral: any of several tall Australian trees of the genus Laportea
austral: South African evergreen partly woody vine grown for its clusters of rosy purple flowers followed by edible pods like snap beans
austral: common Australian tree widely grown as an ornamental in tropical regions
austral: carnivorous perennial herb having a red-brown-marked green pitcher and hinged lid both with red edges
austral: tall Australian reedlike grass sometimes used for hay
austral: a variety of sea lion found in Australia
austral: one of the states constituting Australia
austral: long-legged three-toed wading bird of brackish marshes of Australia
austral: evergreen of Australia yielding a dark yellow wood
austral: sedgelike spring-flowering herb having clustered flowers covered with woolly hairs
austral: small grayish wire-haired breed of terrier from Australia similar to the cairn
austral: small Australian dove
austral: any of several extinct humanlike small-brained bipedal primates of the genus Australopithecus
austral: of or belonging to the hominid genus Australopithecus
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