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aneurysmal bone cyst:
a benign, rapidly growing, osteolytic lesion usually occurring in childhood or adolescence; it may be primary or secondary to an existing lesion and is characterized by blood-filled, often large, cystic spaces lined by bony or fibrous septa that contain osteoid and multinucleated giant cells.
aneurysmal murmur:
a vascular murmur heard over an aneurysm.
(an·eu·rys·mec·to·my) (an²u-riz-mek˘to-me) [aneurysm + -ectomy] extirpation of an aneurysm by removal of the sac.
(an·eu·rys·mo·plas·ty) (an²u-riz˘mo-plas²te) [aneurysm + -plasty] plastic reconstruction of an aneurysmal artery.
(an·eu·rys·mor·rha·phy) (an²u-riz-mor?schwa]-fe) [aneurysm + -rrhaphy] the operation of suturing an aneurysm.
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aortic sinusal aneurysm:
aneurysm arising in the aortic sinuses of Valsalva; it is a rare, usually congenital lesion that begins as finger-like projections in the right or noncoronary sinuses and can progress to rupture, usually into the right ventricle or atrium, causing volume overload and congestive heart failure.
arterial aneurysm:
aneurysm in the wall of an artery; the chief signs are formation of a pulsating tumor, often a bruit (aneurysmal bruit) heard over the swelling, and sometimes symptoms from pressure on contiguous parts.
arteriosclerotic aneurysm:
an aneurysm arising in a large artery, most commonly the abdominal aorta, as a result of weakening of the wall in severe atherosclerosis; called also atherosclerotic a.
arteriovenous aneurysm:
a communication, either congenital or traumatic, between an artery and a vein; arterial blood may flow directly into the vein (aneurysmal varix) or be carried into it by a connecting sac (varicose aneurysm).
axillary aneurysm:
aneurysm of the axillary artery.
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